Mind,Body & Spirit Exhibition

Kanika Pantheon Hotel Limassol


Saturday & Sunday

March 20th & 21st, 2010

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Diana Room
1 Indian Treasures - ethnic clothes designed for women, beadworks scarves bedding wall hangings healing crystals etc.established 1995 in Larnaca - Stassinoue St.1 24-665307, 99-616614, helenangelide21@hotmail.com
1 1/2 Jacki - Original card reading
2 Anna Soufan - Relaxing massage that improves the functions of muscles, joints and circulation, and encourages a sense of wellbeing. It relieves tiredness, stimulates and refreshes mind body and spirit. (women only) 99-557293, shipinn@spidernet.com.cy
3 Jurlique products are rich in natural antioxidants and organically grown herbs to revitalize, nourish and strengthen your skin. We offer Aromatherapy treatments for Face and Body, Pedicure and Manicure, using our purest products with essential oils. Dia Kauriefs, 25-814844, 99-468480, jurliquecy@cytanet.com.cy, www.jurlique.com.cy
4 African Bazaar - Unusual crafts from Africa, natural stones and crystals. Nicosia. 99-649545, 22-751942 prodigalearth@gmail.com
5 Katarina Demetriou - Angel symbols, Angel essences & Aura sprays. Angel healing cards - products founded by Ingrid Auer (Austria) - are energized directly by the world of Angels. They increase the vibrations of the light body, aura and charkas, help to balance body and soul. They are a special gift form the angels to help us with the Transformation process. 25-879500, 99-336040. drmedco@cytanet.com.cy
6 Maxilari, Ltd. Authentic hand-made cushion with organically grown olive stones. the cosy warmth given off relaxes the neck and shoulders and even relieves pain in the abdomen or from rheumatism and arthritis. http://www.maxilari.com 25-818671, 99-489813, info@maxilari.com
7 Marina Aristidou - exclusive distributor of Jericho Dead Sea Cosmetics in Cyprus. Natural dead sea cosmetics retail and professional line for face, body and hair . Marina Aristidou Cosmetics, 25-660071, 99-962600, Ma_studio@msn.com  
8 Angel and Co Kft. is a wholesale company with focus on all Esoteric gifts, such as Angels, Fairies and Buddhas etc...
We also have a huge range of crystals and stones and Tibetan Jewelry. At BMS we will offer you to find your personal crystals/stones/lucky charm through the help of numerology.Visit www.angelandco.hu and www.ezoko.com or contact Benny Vervliet +36 204496367
9 & 10 Freshline is a leader in the production and distribution of natural, organic and non- preservative cosmetics. Our products are based on old homemade recipes and treatments with aromatherapy and herbal therapy. We introduce a wide range of aromatherapy treatments for face, body and hair as well as bulk products with a natural vegetable base and drastic ingredients. Our formulas do not contain petrochemicals, incriminated preservatives, synthetic softeners, and substances of animal origin. We strongly believe that beauty can be combined with health. www. Freshline.gr, 25-711108, estoss.freshline@gmail.com

Essence Journeys - the “Essence Journeys” is an unique way to approach nature. A way to walk and experience in special ways the essence of nature and the nature of ourselves at the same time. The planet earth – mother nature- provides all her children with equal care and nourishment and holds within herself the wisdom of great secrets, waiting to be unlocked by those who elect the way of development and progress.

An “Essence Journeys” is a journey outside into the wonders of nature and inside into the depths of ourselves. It has in it times of conversation, of quietness, of sensitivity and of laughter, mutuality with nature on the one hand and seeking the nest elevation on the other. Over the last 15 years we have made many journeys in Greece, Crete, Israel, Cyprus. we climb high mountains, we walk through ravines, we cross rivers and valleys, we walk next to lakes and through cannons and the deserts. And we are in awe from the beauty we meet and we are inspired to continue to grow with it. Contact: Thelma Charalambides 25-822952, 99-536643, charalat@cytanet.com.cy, info@essencejourneys.org

12 Spiritual Response Therapy (Θεραπεία Πνευματικής Ανταπόκρισης (SRT) &Θεραπεία Πνευματικής Αναδόμησης (SpR) was developed by Robert E. Detzler in 1988 and is now a world renowned therapy. It is based to a great extend on Quantum Physics and the Pythagorean theories which have explained these past few years many unsolved issues regarding the nature of human existence. SRT clears the negative energies that each of us accumulates and carries from past lives which burden us psychologically and emotionally and interfere with our everyday life, thus preventing us from leading a life of joy, health and prosperity. Despite the fact that it’s a new therapy, it uses a pendulum, an ancient tool of many civilizations that functions as an amplifier and a set of specialized charts. Xenia Ioannidou - SRT of Greece, www.srt.gr.Tel: 30 210 42 97 105, Mob: 30 6932 30 39 29, email: info@srt.gr
12a Experience the magic of Air Plants ! Nature has gifted us with millions of miracles. One of its most extraordinary creations are the Tilllandias, plants that live in air. Margarita Paraskevaidou - 99-669039, mparaskevaidou@hotmail.com
13 & 14 Therapolis - Cyprus ’s leading mind, body, beauty and health revival experts, offering an extensive and unique range of therapies, treatments and classes performed by a team of specialists. Free initial consultation. Located in Potamos Germasogeia, Limassol. www.therapolis.com Tel: 25-328585, info@therapolis.com
Sylvia Braun offers a unique blend of Bowen Body Work and NLP based techniques to address the links between physical and emotional well-being. She also practices Ki Massage, Reflexology and Coaching. Sylvia is a Yoga instructor and Holistic Dietician. For further details contact her at 99-139722
15 ‘Universelles Leben is a community that links up with the Original Christian stream. Over a period of 25 years it has grown into a worldwide movement. Through the prophetic word for today people all over the earth listen to the divine revelations and countless spiritual teachings through Gabriele, in meetings or via the radio. The word of God is available to people in many books as well as tapes & CDs. ‘Universelles Leben’ is the living in the Spirit of God. info@universelles-leben.org, 22-499313, 99-439503, http://www.universelles-leben.org
16 The Sirius Dog Sanctuary re-homed nearly 400 abandoned dogs and puppies in 2009. Chronically underfunded, the volunteers struggle to raise funds to save the strays of Limassol, and educate about animal welfare. www. siriusdogsanctuary.com, 25-933993, 99-395123, christine.barton@cytanet.com.cy

Wilf Truscott - Famous Westcountry clairvoyant and healer now in Cyprus. One to one or group readings. Healing cloths. Authof of The Chosen Spirit. Have your reading done via www.wilftruscott.com, cd readings posted worldwide. www.wilftruscott.com, 99-114337 or 99-275423

18 Cyprus Green Party - Action and field work today concern environmental management generally, and such matters as pollution, energy conservation, water management, GMOs, bioethics and biotechnology, bio/organic agriculture, electromagnetism, antennas, wild life, migratory birds, bio-diversity, cultural heritage, right to information, etc. The Cyprus Greens are represented in Parliament by one MP and at local governance by five counsellors.: www.cyprusgreens.org and on the new blog in English  (also available in Greek and Turkish): www.cyprusgreens.org, Central Office: Nicosia, 22- 518787, greenparty@cytanet.com.cy, Limassol Office : 25-342661, oikologoi@cytanet.com.cy
19 Sharifa - unique silks and felt fabrics created into original garments. Gabriele Boehm, 25-222616, 99-585323, gabbr4@hotmail.com
20 Dr. Nona International - products with a special group of minerals and nutrients found only in the Dead Sea, one of the richest sources of minerals and microelements in the world. improve circulation, provide correct food for cells, help expel toxins and balance the metabolism. Read More Marina 99-017394 geomarnik@rambler.ru
21 Nature’s Resort Natural & Organic Skin Care - the official representative and exclusive distributors of Jason Pure Natural & Organic Skin Care products supplying health shops and pharmacies with Jason organic products and beauty salons and spas with Styx and Lorex natural products such as essential oils, masks, creams and body envelopments. Also, high quality bio-supplements from Switzerland such as Artichoke, Red berries & Blackberry syrups. Juniper, honey and spices for food and many other vitamins for overall well being. Ms. Natalia Branishte & Mr, Spatacos, 22-780429, 99-511886 damingo@cytanet.com.cy
22 Heaven on Earth Herbals  - ‘Your Health is Your Greatest Wealth!’ This is the motto of Heaven On Earth Herbals™ - high quality Organic & Natural Nutrition Products. We supply dried herbs for cooking; remedial herbal tea blends for health; Aromatherapy oil and cream blends for topical use; ‘Naturally Good Looks’ totally natural, paraben-free beauty range; distilled herbal and floral waters for skin care and home use; herbal tonics for ailments such as hormone balance, stress relief and immune boosting; Nutritional organ cleansing products, vitamins and minerals. We run lectures and workshops across Cyprus, as well as running our open-house herbal apothecary shop based at Pano Akourdhaelia village. We offer herbal and nutrition consultations and natural health care advice along with running a mail order service across Europe. See: www.HeavenOnEarthHerbals.com   For further enquires on products, outlets and Nutrition consultations please contact Caroline Evans 99-993412, heavenonearthherbals@hotmail.com

Fragrant Planet has one of the largest range of organic and wildcrafted essential oils and vegetable base oils in Cyprus. Fragrant Planet also produce hand crafted products for face, body and around the home, including the Fabulous Argan organic range. Visit the Fragrant Planet centre in Dherynia or order your products via the website. Mail order on all products is available for Cyprus and Europe.

Susan Worwood M.I.F.A, owner of Fragrant Planet, has been practising complementary therapies for over 23 years. Susan specialises in Clinical Aromatherapy and is qualified in the medicinal use of essential oils / aromatic medicine. Susan is a member of the International Federation of Aromatherapy and was a founding member of the Aromatherapy Trades Council. She has taught in the UK, Canada and USA and has taken part in many aromatherapy research projects. Reflexology, Sports massage and Pregnancy Well Being massage also available at the Fragrant Planet centre in Dherynia and Nicosia. Susan also runs courses in Cyprus for both the home user and professional therapist. She is the official representative for the Internation Federation of Aromaterapists, Cyprus Branch. For information and membership details as well as information on treatments and courses contact Susan and see website
www.fragrantplanet.com 99-956557, info@fragrantplanet.com


Kypros Tai Chi Association is run by Master Vasilious who has been practicing Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong for 30 years. He teaches the original Yang style Tai Chi which includes the 8 gate form, short form, long form, tai chi dance, pushing hands, tai chi sword and heart work. The Kypros Tai Chi Association also has qualified Qi Gong teachers throughout Cyprus. Tai Chi is now one the most practiced disciplines around the world for health, meditation, relaxation, sports development and self defense. Classes are available in Nicosia, Limassol, Paphos and Dherynia and Master Vasilious holds workshops throughout Cyprus. Master Vasilious can be seen on Pik 1 Tuesday mornings between 8.10 am and 8.30 am. For information and further detailswww.kyprostaichi.com, 97-699068 vaf4@mac.com 

24 Selina Adonai - Unique Coaching - Angel Therapy Practitioner ® Certified by Doreen Virtue PhD offers powerful Unique Coaching Sessions that will Heal, Transform and Enlighten your life.

Receive guidance, inspiration and divine healing energies from your angels and guides to transform any area of your life. Let the Divine Field lovingly touch your Being and activate the Power within You to manifest and live a miraculous life of your dreams.

Unique Coaching for Body and Mind: life-transforming holistic method developed by Adele Selina and Dr. Metros Demetriades (Natural Therapeutic Centre Nicosia). Release Stress and Pain from your Body & MInd. www.uniquecoaching.org, 96-661211, twinflames@me.co

25 Taberco products from Hollywood, USA. All women desire a product to enhance the look and feel of their skin. It is the most beautiful asset a woman possesses. Anti-aging skin care without surgery. www.taberouk.com, Sarah: 99-280842 naturally-pure@hotmail.com

Yiola Patsalides - Himalayan Products 99-023880

27 Home of Holistics is a Hair and Beauty Salon specialising in Alternative Therapies. As sole distributors we present “Angel Fingers” a unique copper massage tool. Wholesale and retail opportunities available. Cheryl Sprintall : 23-721543, 99-866827, homeofholistics@hotmail.com
28 Laughter Yoga - Elina Papa - Laughter exercises combined with yogic breathing have proven health benefits. Join us in a fun and easy way to de-stress, relax, and learn to laugh through life’s challenges. 99- 312 722, www.laughteryogacyprus.com
29 Joan Bunyan - Clairvoyant/Psychic/Crossing Over - Contact the Angels for guidance on romance and business. Clairvoyant development classes and workshops on psychometry flower reading and dreams. (over 40 years experience) 99-039453, 25-336284, joanbunyan@primehome.com
30 Denise Offermann-Loizou - In Greek, English, German * Certified Psychol. Counsellor, Certf.Hypnotherapist NGH-USA, Certf. Lifecoach, Certf. Athletic Mind Coach , Past life regression therapist trained by Dr. BRIAN WEISS - USA. Seminars about Sport, Life transformation all over Cyprus and Europe in German, English and Greek.22-485021, 96-710022, splishys@cytanet.com.cy


Tarik Tekman teaches qigong (chi kung) which is an ancient Chinese energy exercise to regulate and stregthen the energy flow of the body.tariktekman@gmail.com More info: www.standingstill.org.
31 Shakila Ioanna Brati - Readings of the chakras with pendulum, crystals, energetic incenses that will amplify the frequency of our aura or our space, talismans blessed for protection, abundance or love in our life. www.shakila.gr, ioannabrati@yahoo.gr, 003 0697 4455759
32 Vivasan - Health and beauty with natural products from Switzerland. The highest quality of our products is ensured by unique methods of processing plant materials, using up-to-date equipment, produced exclusively for VIVASAN. http://www.vivasanint.com. Soso Arzoumanidis, 25-320808, 99-079919, vivasancyprus@gmail.com
 33 Saturday - Kate – Vita Health creams
Sunday - Maggie – Colour me beautiful, Sandra – Bra fitting
34 C.I.R.C.E.S. is an organisation which helps people to evolve and develop themselves by doing research in subjects in which they are interested such as dreams, psychology, etc. We run workshops for self-improvement. George Ioanides, 25 338276, 99 564401
35 Pranic Healing - a very simple but extremely effective energy healing which heals not only physical ailments but also psychological problems. It actually accelerates the body's natural healing powers up to 4 times faster! Meditation is a very important part of Pranic Healing and is practiced regularly around the island in Nicosia/Limassol/Paphos: Meditation & Healing: Nicosia: Helen Weeks 99-851102, www.pranichealingincyprus.com . Greek: Eleni Alexandrou 99-454952. Limassol: Elizabeth Photiou 99-899919. Paphos: Mark Thompson 96-391931.
36 & 37 Zitrone Natural Life - German origin organic products, wholemeal, diabetic, gluten free food. Organic juices, natural cosmetics, tea tree products, essentials. teas, food supplements and generally all about natural life and environmental protection. Antonis & Christothea Antoniades, 25-820339, zitrone.acha@cytanet.com.cy, www.cyprusspirit.com/zitrone  
38 Garnet - Sonia - Beatiful, handmade jewellery from around the world
39 Foreveressence - Tisserand Aromatherapy provides an extensive range of quality aromatherapy products based with essential oils to enhance the senses, relieve stress and ease aches and pains. Tisserand products include over 60 different pure essential oils, wide lavender, tea-tree and baby ranges, as well other body and facial products. Joanne Ioannou, 99-306556, 99-353769, joanna@foreveressence.biz
40 & 41 Armoniki Zoi Kyprou is a non profitable, Educational and Cultural Association / Organisation offering weekly and weekend seminars on Self Knowledge (Both in Greek and English). Their seminars are based on the work and books by the well known author and philosopher Robert Elias Najemy. www.liveinharmony.org, 99-696765, info@liveinharmony.org
42 Elemental, Faeries and Angels Selling the most diverse range of Faeries-Angels-Dragons-Unicorns-Crystals-Old Tupton Ware-Oils-Incense-Mist Lamps-Angel & Faerie Music CDs. We have a shop in Old Paphos. Visit www.elementalfaeriesangelsgifts.com. Tel 99- 014562 joy.adams@mail.com


Apollo Room

A Mandala Colouring Table!

During this year's Mind Body and Spirit Exhibition you and your children are welcome to spend time at the Mandala Colouring Table. Mandalas are circles that represent wholeness and remind us that "all the members and parts of the universe are very strongly linked together in that limitless space". Offered as a gift to all children attending the exhibition by members of the Bahai Community in Cyprus.

Athena Room
Aphrodite Aromatics - Pure essential lavender oil distilled from local organic plantation certified by Lacon. Suppliers for professional and home use. Rosemary, Bay Leaf, Oreganum, Pine and Eucalyptus Oils are also available. 99-616324, 26- 272627, poppypsaltis@hotmail.com
Adonis Ellinas - Psych-K (Psychology-Kinesiology) is a very easy and effective method, to change the software of our subconscious mind, and bring into our lives what we desire most. www.groups.to/healthsuccessperformhappiness, 25-331471, 99-579169, adonisel@yahoo.com


D. Anne Austin is an internationally recognised spiritual teacher,healer,natural medium and clairvoyant. She has studied Ayurveda with an Indian practitioner for years while teaching in Brunei. She is a Reiki master, flower essence practitioner, colour and crystal healer as well as having trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). She is a Consultant of the British Astrological and Psychic Society, BAPS in Mediumship and Clairvoyance and is a published author. “A Feather Falling”, her auto biography is available from Amazon. Her second book “A Viable Alternative” and also short stories for children will be available later this year. She is a spiritual artist and these works interact with the viewer for healing and entering in to a heightened state.

Anne travels extensively to China, Australia USA Greece UK and SEM Asia. She gives workshops and lectures on a variety of topics - divining, shamanic ceremonies of the Rain Forest, Ayurvedic remedies from the kitchen and ways of healing self esteem and bringing forth spirituality in every day life. Her consultations will provide precise help and healing. Phone/fax 26-642966 starston@spidernet.com.cy
45 Susanna Buxton is a true Romany. Born with the gift, she has been working & reading from the age of 11. She is now in her 50’s and has travelled the world. 0044 16 23 869 002, buxts@aol.com   
46 Sean “The Passion Man” Foley - If you would like to live with more joy, success and happiness in your life then you must see The Passion Man in action! Getting clear on what you want, why you want it and how you are going to get it into your life everyday! www.your-passion-coach.com, 97-798301, thepassionman@gmail.com Read more
47 & 48 Fanitsa Petrou - Original Art & Art Prints, Angel Paintings / New Age - Metaphysical Art / Fairies & Nature Spirits / Goddess Tradition & Mythology / Zodiac & Tarot Imagery, Fantasy Art / Surrealism / World Religions / Calligraphy. Also Angel books, Angel & Fairy Calendars. Hand-painted zodiac stones & name stones (with name significance), hand-painted objects for your home & garden, hand-painted furniture and windows. Book covers, Commercial illustration and graphics. Visit her web site to view a collection of more than 550 items! Also, individualized, flower remedy recipes, to bring harmony to your mind, spirit & soul. www.fanitsa-petrou.com, phone: +357-25-585207, email: info@fanitsa-petrou.com

Encaustic Art Studio Cyprus - Creative artwork with Molten Wax Paint Colours - Encaustic Art offers everyone the opportunity to explore simply creativity and develop new skills and perceptions. Historians claim that it is a 2500 years old painting technique, now made easy on special sealed paper with modern low-heat tools. The results are playfully and some fascinating art work will appear. This Art form can be embraced as Hobby Art, Fine Art, or Therapeutic art, but most importantly, it is for everyone! Encaustic Art Studio Cyprus - Demonstration, Teaching, Workshops and Supply, Coby Verhagen, 25-933192, 99-684745, coby@encausticartcyprus.eu, www.encausticartcyprus.eu

49a Angela Egwim – Reiki Master, Holistic Pulser and RRP Master. Live in the now and you have all the time you need. Tailor made sessions and group workshops supporting your path of personal development. Mobile 99-494372, Email cy.holistic@gmail.com,Web: www.theholisticage.com
50 Delfini Trading – importers of “Eyeslices”- an innovative eye treatment pad that combines natural essences with bio-innovation to bring an all in one solution to all common eye concerns – puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles, tiredness and redness. www.eyeslicescyprus.com/
Also - Callus Peel – a complete foot care system for treatment of calluses. Ingrid Price - 26-322861. 99-046214 info@delfinicyprus.com
51  Forever Living - Undisputed world market leaders in organically grown Aloe Vera and products from the beehive. 30 years established and trading in 135 countries.We are currently seeking part-time agents throughout Cyprus to market our superb range of products. Free training and support provided. Established for over 30 years and trading successfully in over 140 countries. Jag Ghuman + Brian Ashby - Independent Distributors, www.prosperwithflp.com 99-755 966, ashbys@cytanet.com.cy
52 The Circle of Life is a new age shop which caters to making available affordable Feng Shui products and services, angels, fairies, crystals, books, CDs, jewellery and much more to bring balance and prosperity to your life. Andri Constantinou: 99-313616
53 Crazy Arts is about handmade creations. Jewellery using semi-precious stones, beads and anything that’s fun and beautiful to wear! Margaret Lazarou - Anna Lazarou - Maria Kolokotroni, 22-320293, crazyarts112@gmail.com
54 & 55 Emerald Foundation: Prophetic, Healing & Dream Interpretation. Nader Hanna, info@emerald-foundation.org
56 & 57 Eileen Augusti - Aura Photographer, Psychic Consultant and Spiritual Clairvoyant. Eileen is an expert on the explanation of the Aura she reads clairvoyantly channelled from her guide Francis. She has appeared in T.V internationally. Aura photographs are very exciting with clear and precise meanings. www.eileenaugusti.com 99-637093, eileen.augusti@gmail.com
58 Al Davidian- Astrology & Human Design: Ancient Wisdom for the 21st Century -What if you could stop feeling frustrated about your life, realise your hidden birth talents and discover your unique aura’s operating strategy? Let a compassionate, experienced practitioner of Astrology and Human Design help you tap your deepest potential. 99-252564,ishkhanwork@gmail.com
58a KARA - Mind & Body Centre, Nicosia - Palmistry, Numerology, Tarot Readings, Past Life Regression, Clinical Hypnosis, Bowen, Feldenkrais Method, Reiki, Theta Healing, Reflexology, Homeopathy, Herbalism, Bach Flower Remedies. Self-Improvement Workshops in Personal Development and NLP. Spiritual Courses in Meditation and Psychic Development. karapsaroudaki@yahoo.com, 99-029952
(Sunday only)
Maria Stavrou - Free yourself to live a more fullfilled life towards your path. Fields of GraceTM is a life changing method where you experience the infinite love of spirit and the opening of the heart. Gain valuable guidance and connect more with your family, partner, work, with yourself and earth. Step into your own power. Maria 99-474109 and Vassilis 99-976373
59 Seichim translates from hieroglyph as "the power of powers." It both describes the energy and the ancient healing system which is believed to be from Egypt dating as far back as Atlantis. It was translated from Hieroglyph to Sanskrit and uses the divine Kundalini Shakti Energy. This system was rediscovered and channeled by Patrick Zeigler and Tom Seaman in 1979. Tina Theodorou - Reiki-Seichim Master and Healer, B.A. in Psychology, 99-825254.
60 Messiah Foundation International offers free healing and give information on their spiritual master, Gohar Shahi and his teachings of divine love. They show images of the promised messiah that have appeared on the moon and so many holy places and offer a mystical technique that teaches your heart to promote divine positive energy. www.theawaitedone.com. Contact: Steve Bell. 0044 (0) 786 599 7954, stevebell@theawaitedone.com
61 Dr. Igor Cetojevic, MD, Acupuncturist and magnetotherapist, specialising in the use of the QXCI/SCIO energy biofeedback - bioresonance therapy. 25-342904 www.drigor.org, spitaki@spidernet.com.cy  Also - NEW IN CYPRUS - Eternale - anti-aging and deep relaxation therapy.
61a To the Rhythm of the Moon - A tale of knowledge and love lost and found ~ by Chess Capino (aka - Francesca) - click for details
62 AURA Photography -T.K. MEDIserve Line Ltd. - Bioenergetics check-up, Biotherapy, Reflexology & Chiropody Centre.  The combination of AURA & BIOENERGETICS’ Photo Reading, gives a modern, pioneering and scientific method where with simple, painless and non-harmful way, it gives to us the possibility of recording with precision the bioenergetics situation of the entire body and each organ separately. Thus we can locate any, sentimental, intellectual and mental situation of a person. "Is preferable we anticipate an illness than to cure". To find more about your Present and Future, contact Andriana Nicolaide Karantoni, Biotherapist, Reflexologist. 99-409110, 99-662900, mediserv@cy.net
63 Cornelia Becker, - Holistic Therapist - Qualified medical therapeutic masseuse, reflexology/analysis, manual lymph drainage/lymphedema, body & mind chakra balancing, spiritual homeopathy.Tel. 99-275798
64 Daria Aquilina, BTAA, ITEC – Daria is a Practitioner in the following therapies: Cosmoenergetics™, Bowen Technique®, Shiatsu, Touch Energy Healing, Shirodhara, Aromatherapy and Ayurvedic Rejuvenating Facelift. 99-183432.
64 a Antonia Nicholson is a Cosmoenergetics Grand Master; Radiesthisis (Biolocation) Consultant; Art Yoga / Kala Yoga. 99-476531.
65 Alexander-Bacht Safarov – Grand Master Cosmoenergetics™, Qualified Healer in Bio Energetics, Radiesthisis Practitioner (Biolocation), Fire Flower Meditation Technique Practitioner & Teacher. Art Yoga / kala Yoga

Cosmoenergetics™ - It is a simple energetic technique for self knowledge, self healing and healing for the world.Radiesthisis (Biolocation): Radiesthisis is a system whereby one tunes into the vibrational waves of the energetic world. It includes: Aura analysis & correction; Bioenergetic analysis of physical body and solutions; Dowsing & diagnosis of geopathic stress. Art Yoga – Kala Yoga: a new technique that has been born through Art Therapy. This technique connects our inner world with our spiritual core. Fire Flower Technique; Special Energetic Amulets. For further information and appointments contact Alexander on 22-375204, 99-611506. Email: bacht.artist@hotmail.com
65a Ludmilla Breeva – Cosmoenergetics; Runes; Fire Flower Technique; Pakal Votan Technique (Energetic Healing). (Russian speaking.) Email: bacht.artist@hotmail.com
66 Aquarius Health. Organs Detoxification Retreat Centre - Preventive and Complementary Therapy. Detoxification Programmes and products. Siri Shabd Singh, RPP, MD (A.M.), 25-816232, www.aquariushealth.webhealer.net  
67 Yiannis Psillos - Homoeopath, Head of Homeopathy Faculty, Natural Health Science, Athens. Also Schuessler Salts, Iridology, Reflexology, Thai Massage, Sports Injuries. Vitamins and Supplements. Genuine essential oils. Introducing Zotter Bio and Fairtrade chocolates. Read More 99-116883, 25-312494 homoeopath.yp@gmail.com
67a Kate Psillou - Clinical Aromatherapist, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Massage therapist. Reviber Plus – whole body vibration, Mosaic artist. Tel 99-903892, 25-312494 katepsi@gmail.com
68 Salt Pipes - Salt Pipes - Natural therapy for adults and children suffering from Asthma, allergies, sinus problems, breathing difficulties, chesty cough, dry cough, bronchitis, shortness of breath and breathing problems related to smoking. It can be used to counteract the effects of pollution and can also be used in a preventative way as regular use keeps the respiratory system healthy and clean.

How does it work? You use the salt pipe to inhale tiny salt crystals which are 20 million years old. In doing this you will reach right into the micro levels of the respiratory system where the crystals will calm and cleanse cells and flush away impurities thus improving oxygen absorption. There are no side effects. The salt pipe will last for 5 years. The natural way to maintain an optimum breathing system. For more information visit www.saltpipescy.com or contact info@saltpipescy.com or call 99-992896.

Thai Massage - This ancient form of massage combines work on the energy lines, accupressure points, stretching (in yoga like positions) and relaxation. Styles available: Traditional northern style Thai massage, Thai massage on a chair, herbal compress massage and Thai foot massage. More info at www.thaimassagecyprus.com, tina@thaimassagecyprus.com, or call Tina on 99-992896

68a Julia Kay - Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy - Julia practiced in the U.K. for 17 years and trained at the Professional Hypnotherapy Centre (aka The Academy of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy), Harley Street, London. She successfully treats: Chocolate and other food addictions, Smoking, Stress and anxiety, Blushing, Phobias of flying, water, heights, spiders and many more, can also help with asthma and psychosomatic illnesses. Please read more at www.larnacahypnotherapy.com, julia@larnacahypnotherapy.com or call 96-727837.
69 Louise Ahquileah Langley - World-renowned Author, International speaker and workshop creator.

Personal intuitive and clairsentient sessions with Louise, uncovering your sacred journey! and Personal one-to-one writing coaching sessions with Louise to fully embrace writing from your heart. As sessions will be limited over the weekend, If you would like to book a session before the event, please contact Louise on info@louiselangley.com (www.louiselangley.com) or 0044 788 449 8517. Please book early to avoid dissapointment. Last November all slots were sold out.
70 Anette Martinsen - Theta Healing

Theta Healing - healing from the seventh plane on all 4 levels, the core level, the genetic level, the history level & the soul level.Theta Readings - get clear concise information from the seventh plane direct from the source on your life, relationships and career. Heal issues, physical ailments, disease, trauma and beliefs. www.anettemartinsen Tel: 99-619049, Limassol. anette@anettemartinsen.com

70a Food available at the exhibition :
Vegetarian salads - €3.50, various vegetarian sandwiches - €2.50, various cakes - Gluten, dairy and sugar free - €2.00, Apple cake, banana cake, ginger cake, date and walnut cake & carrot cake. anette@anettemartinsen.com, 99-619049.

Anette’s book ‘A Recipe for Health’ will be on sale at table 70 a,, at selected bookshops or you can find it on www.amazon.co.uk Watch her programmes on: www.youtube.com/user/AnetteMartinsen - A cooking show for health, for people suffering with food intolerances, allergies and strict diets. All recipes are dairy, egg, sugar, wheat and meat free.

71 & 72

Books Express "Visit “BOOKS EXPRESS” in Limassol and enjoy our friendly, modern, colorful and stationery-free -BOOKS ONLY- environment and choose from thousands of titles of Greek books. Very soon our collection will include a large quantity of titles in English as well. You may order any title you wish, through telephone or e-mail, and allow only a few days to be delivered to your doorstep for your convenience. In the near future “BOOKS EXPRESS” will operate a website through which you may find books, CD’S, DVD’S and other products. 25-356001, 7777-Book (2665), booksexpress@cytanet.com.cy 

73 PA KUA Eco Furniture and Feng Shui Shop - Eco furniture, Tatami beds, garden furniture, Feng Shui symbols, water features, Zen gardens, Crystals and minerals, Cds and DVDs, books, hammocks, oriental tableware, Japanese screens, Organic products, essential oils, recycle bags and more. Special deals for practitioners, therapists, Spas and beauty saloons.2 Atho Street, Nicosia (off Kennedy Avenue). pakua1@cytanet.com.cy 22-463503, www.pakuafs.com
74 Thasos Panayi - The way to the 5th dimension - With 15 years of spiritual work and training in Cyprus and overseas from personal Masters leads meditation group for spiritual development and healing. 99 577314, thasos111@hotmail.com
74a Chenette Lissbell Jensen - Τhe most important thing to learn to have love, peace and joy in your life is communication. When you feel misunderstood or unhappy is likely due to incomplete communication. Dare to speak out your truth. When you choose to worry you are in the future. When you choose to be calm and peaceful you are in the present. Live in the now, NOW.

Chenette Lissbell Jensen is from Denmark with more than 35 years of experience in spiritual teaching and therapies in the whole world with deep knowledge in the Japanese Shiatzu, leads meditation groups and personal meetings for the development of love in the light. Τel. 99-497954 , thasos11@ cytanet.com.cy
75 & 76 Lo Shu Feng Shui – Chinese traditional figurines, buddha, moon frog, mandarin ducks, horses, etc. Fountains, mist fountains, gemstone fountains, siate fountains, essential oils, fairies & fairy coins. Woodstock windchimes, Swarovski crystals & sterling silver charms, tumbled stones, salt lamps, etc. retail & great wholesale prices. 99-669590, Marios, Larnaca mtheodosiou@spidernet.net


Maggie Erotokritou is an Intuitive Healer, she uses a combination of healing modalities according to the needs of the individual. Her new and most exciting work is with Theta Healing, which clears traumas, blocks and limiting beliefs from the past. She combines this with NES (Nutrienergetics). She is also trained in BodyTalk, advanced Pranic Crystal healing, Rebirthing, Ayurveda, Psychosynthesis and teaches Hatha Yoga and Meditation. She is the author of 3 books, her latest is Seeds of Transformation, A 52 Step Journey to Enlightenment. www.livingwithvision.com
Theta Healing – Heart-Soul Healing. Transformation, Manifestation and Abundance.
  Change your mind and change your life. Next workshop in Limassol March 26/27/28.Contact 99-435687 email: visionquest@spidernet.com.cy
78 Margarita Bezanidou - Profressor of Cosmic Energy, Psychologist, member of International Professional union of Psychotherapy, was awarded the medal of “The Best Therapist of the 3rd Millennium” at the 5th International Congress of “Untraditional Therapists of Russia". http://cosmotherapy.gr/en/main, bezan.gr@gmail.com
79 Lazara - Clearance & Guidance, Card Readings - clearing past events, allowing you to see a brighter future.viberlife@yahoo.com.uk, 96-373723
80 INOS (intelligent Optical Sapphire) technology for Permanent Hair Removal is an ultramodern photo-depilation method, which concentrates pure light through an optical sapphire to the area of skin to be treated. No pain, no side effects. All skin/hair types – a permanent solution. www.hairfree.eu. Contact Niki Edwards, Hairfree Institute 700 00234, 25-103359, cyprus@hairfree.eu
81 & 82 John McCarron
83 Suzie Rudd -Master Teacher of the Diana Cooper School (Angels, Ascension & Golden Atlantis) Inspirational workshops on Angels, Ascension and Golden Atlantis, Diana Cooper Teacher Training course. Angelic Reiki Master & therapist, bringing the healing energy of angels into her therapy work. Visit her stand for details on courses and workshops and for some Angelic Shopping.
See www.spiritandsole.com,   97-648218,  spiritandsole@hotmail.com
84 Wheatgrass Juice, gift of nature, chlorophyll, more closely approximates a miracle food than any other we’ve encountered. Wheatgrass can be used both internally and externally for a wide variety of purposes from detoxifier to beauty. DISCOVER THE BENEFITS OF LIVE ENERGY AND NUTRITION, More Info Aleksandar Lacko, 25-586282, 96- 492478, wheatgrass357@hotmail.com
85 "Sing for 'Stigma' Sing-a-Thon" - March 28th 2010

On March 28th voice coach/ vocalist Cathryn Robson will be holding a Sing-a-Thon from her voice studio in Paphos in order to raise funds for and awareness of 'Stigma', the Cyprus NGO which liaises with female victims of human trafficking. During that day Cathryn will be singing sponsored songs from five different genres and eight languages between 9.00-18.00.

March 28th marks the 9th anniversary of the death of Oxana Rantseva who allegedly fell from the fourth floor balcony of a Limassol apartment block while trying to escape local human traffickers. Rantseva's death prompted priest Father Savvas Michaelides to establish 'Stigma' in 2004.The organisation has since helped 440 women through providing shelter, living expenses and liaison with legal, medical and welfare bodies. 'Stigma' is run voluntarily and relies solely on public donations for its running costs.

If you would like to sponsor a song on the day please contact Cathryn Robson on 99 740 592/ mail@thevoicecentre.com. A 'Song Menu' is available from which sponsors may make their selections.

More information: http://thevoicecentre.com/stigmasingathon.aspx

85a Dancehouse Lemesos - Stegi Synhronou Horou Lemesou - a Non-Profit Organisations providing the first space in Cyprus entirely devoted to the support, promotion and development of professional contemporary dance and performance practice. http://www.dancehouselemesos.com , 99-489910, info@dancehouselemesos.com
86 Makani Academy - NLP and Enneagram. Personal development and / or certified Coach trainings. For those interested in longer, professional trainings as well as personal growth, we offer a range of certified trainings: Enneagram Coach, HR Coach and Holistic Coach as well as Healer Therapist. Experienced NLP Master Trainers and Healers Jack and Helene Makani, also offer individual sessions. www.makani.com, tel. 96-589709 or 96-280095. info@makani.com.

MA•GAIA is a community of women frame drummers reclaiming and celebrating the creative power of the frame drumming circle. Unveiling and honouring the rich heritage of Cyprus’s women frame drummers of antiquity, it brings together students of cross cultural origin and diverse background with master drummers/teachers within the framework of workshops, presentations, concerts and exhibitions.http://www.magaiaframedrummers.com/, 99-159927, info@magaiaframedrummers.com


Clear Out The Clutter – from your closets and your mind! Help those in need and help yourself feel lighter before the Easter holiday. Bring your unwanted clothes (in clean, wearable condition) and also non-perishable food and household goods to give to local charities. Kindly co-ordinated by Sophia Michaelidou, 99-457554, sophyja@hotmail.com Vagoni Agapis: tel: 96800272, vagoni.agapis@gmail.com

Art Liesa Catharina Kyriacou (better known as Catt) is a British artist and designer residing in Cyprus. She has developed a unique style of art, which she calls SOUL ART. Her work is of spiritual influence and is deeply meaningful. There is a tranquillity about the paintings that rest the soul. They promote peace and love and healing. www.cattsoulart.com. For sales, commissions and to discuss sessions for personal healing work please contact cattkyriacou@gmail.com, 99- 456802

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